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Groundnut Oil

Discount Price 190.001,800.00

Coconut Oil

Discount Price 130.002,350.00

Sunflower Oil

Discount Price 130.002,350.00

Safflower Oil

Discount Price 130.002,350.00

Castor Oil

Discount Price 140.002,000.00

Almond Oil

Discount Price 400.0019,000.00

Black Sesame Oil

Discount Price 160.002,750.00

White Sesame Oil

Discount Price 180.003,200.00

Niger seed Oil

Discount Price 190.003,550.00

Flaxseed Oil

Discount Price 210.003,900.00

Mustard Oil

Discount Price 150.002,500.00

Neem Oil

Discount Price 130.002,450.00

About Us

The idea of nisarga was born between two friends because of three common interests, i.e. it’s our love for food, zeal to give healthy products to the mankind and passion for entrepreneurship. Nisarga wood & cold Pressed Oils is an edible and essential oils brand by Nisarga foods & Beverages LLP. Oils are extracted using very high quality seeds following a traditional Wood pressed method (Mara chekku / Marada gana / Kachi ghani) in a very hygienic environment.

Why to go for nisarga cold wood pressed oils as
compared other oils in the Market?

Most of the modern methods of oils extraction process like expeller Pressed, refined, solvent extraction (usage of chemicals) methods focus on high yield and longer shelf life to increase profits. As reported by many media houses recently, some oil manufacturers even go to the extent of using very low quality oils seeds and mix with the oils like tallow oil ( animal fat) , cotton seed oil, liquid paraffin etc.. Using such oils results in sever health issues. Also as the oils are extracted at very high temperature the nutrients and authentic taste in the oil are lost. As compared to such oils manufacturers oils at nisarga are extracted using very high quality seeds following a traditional Wood pressed method (Mara chekku / Marada gana / Kachi ghani ) in a very hygienic environment at room temperature where the nutrients in the oil are retained as is and the taste remains authentic.


We use high quality raw materials and follow traditional & natural food production methods in a very hygienic environments. No chemicals are used in the whole process right from cleaning till packaging.

Customer first mindset

We have the highest respect for our customers. We strive to deliver customer expectation from all aspects be it on product information, delivery, Order info. etc. Also we are very open with customers we always want to hear from them for any suggestions, improvements and feedback.


unlike any other food manufacturers, we are very transparent with our customers. Customers can visit out manufacturing and retail unit any time and witness our manufacturing process end to end.

Value for Money

We want to make sure the price customers pay for our products brings in a great value. We carefully price our products so that it’s cost effective and affordable for most of the population.

Their Words, Our Pride

Manju AGManju AG
14:12 19 Aug 22
The tradition of oil extraction is back.Thanks to cold wood pressed oil for cheering us with great food.Genuine taste and Good health is guaranteed.
Jagadish GJagadish G
02:28 01 Jun 22
All products available here are authentic. To stay fit we need to stop using cheap oils and start using oils extracted from wood pressed. No second thoughts on "how to trust Nisarga"..The best place to buy ..
Malini MGMalini MG
16:07 31 May 22
Your products have always been of Superior Quality.We also appreciate the quality of Service in terms of on-time delivery and speedy redressl of our queries and concerns.
Suresh KumarSuresh Kumar
10:59 12 Dec 21
Very good place to Buy wood pressed high Quality cooking Oils. The owner and staff are very courteous and they explain the process very patiently. It's my 3rd visit to the shop. The oils we get here are of very high quality and you can feel the natural aroma. Today when I was here at their shop Almond oil extraction was in progress.
Muruga Prakash KMuruga Prakash K
16:37 06 Dec 21
On my visit....This is a healthy place for all need of pure oil of ground nuts, almonds, sunflower seed, flax seed, neem seed, coconut, sesame seed black and white and lot more, it's totally pure and worthy, the milling to extract oil is so nature and there is no doubt in it, the place is so neat and clean. Mainly the staff and owners are so good they give us lot of health hints regarding the oil's, it's a COLD WOOD pressed oil's, the wood used is called as VAAGAI which is used in our ancient Ayurveda, you can really sense the natural aromatic of oil's, visit once and take your requirements on trail basis later choice is yours....OIL'S FOR GOOD HEALTH..thank u all..


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