Skin care for winter – a natural way!

Again, we are in winter that’s when our skin tend to lose its moisture and becomes rough and flaky which calls for an additional care and pampering.

So instead of going for chemical-based skin care products this winter let’s try something natural!


Some of Nisarga cold wood pressed oils make a great companion for healthy nourished skin.

Almond Oil: – Is very useful in balancing Vata Dosha induced skin dryness. When applied on the surface of the skin it helps to retain moisture, also Improves complexion and skin tone, helps reverse sun damage, reduces the appearance of scars, and stretch marks, improves brain function, and reduces puffiness and under-eye circles.

Coconut Oil: – This has been used as a skin moisturizer from age old days for generations now. Regularly massaging with coconut oil can bring relief to cracked heels, chapped elbows and lips and dry, flaky skin on your arms and legs.

Sesame Oil: – This is a natural healer of all skin types & conditions. It reduces skin allergies, inflammations, infections, acne and revitalizes dry skin, also helps in stopping hair fall.

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